The Hall of Patronage

Hello once again everyone,

I just wanted to take this opportunity out of my busy weekend to announce this very special page reserved for the people and online personalities that I have paid for starting from today onward.

Everyone who I have sent a payment to will be listed here along with the links to their content or social media pages.


I first watched Vaati’s videos while I was playing the first Dark Souls, because I was wondering what else could be going on in a game series that I got scared off of at first. But then I mustered the courage to pick the series back up with Demon’s Souls. I have to admit, if it wasn’t for Vaati, then I would still be in the dark about the backstories of the Souls Series. To Vaati, keep on doing the things you love to do and I’ve enjoyed the 5 Things series.

You can follow VaatiVidya at the following links:

Twitter: @VaatiVidya
Tumblr: VaatiVidya
FaceBook: VaatiVidya
YouTube: VaatiVidya
Google+: +VaatiVidya

imageTommy Sotomayor

Now, Tommy is a YouTuber that I like who, out of everyone else I put in this Hall, has the most drama brought to him mainly by those who either have beef with him or those who simply don’t like what he says. He in my perspective is a cautionary tale of what happens when Trolling online goes WAY too far. Despite this, he’s managed to remove the sugarcoats that the media hides in the news and expose to the world the type of women that they need to leave alone, what parents don’t want their children to become, and who nobody wants to be. Although, I don’t commonly listen to his BlogTalkRadio shows, he mainly tackles the topics that he wanted to talk about, exposing the absurdities of today’s society, and bring s out his gift of humor to bring joy to the life of his audience. To Tommy, keep on speaking the truth on any media you want, keep up the good work on your documentary “A Fatherless America”, and don’t let the trolls, haters, and stalkers make you feel lower than dirt.

Because Tommy has so many YouTube Channels, and Facebook pages simply follow these links:

Twitter: @tjsotomayor

imageRion Kion

Now, Kion has helped me bring my visions of my own designs of the three Byakko from a Japanese Anime/Manga called Onmyou Taisenki to life and even made my dream of seeing an Anthromorphic version of a boss from Dark Souls named Sif, the Great Grey Wolf to life. He’s basically the one that has fully introduced me to Kogenta, Rangetsu and Gentarou when I didn’t know very much about them. To Kion, thanks for giving me the inspiration to redesign the three Byakko you’ve drawn in your past works and keep pursuing your dreams as I pursue mine.

You can follow Rion Kion using the following links:

FurAffinity: Kion
Tumblr: KemonoDream


In the future more people will be inducted in this Hall!


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