The Top Ten Things on the Internet that Piss Me Off!

As I am reaching the halfway point of my Indiegogo Campaign, I thought about certain things online that go beyond my annoyance. In other words… they are things that piss me off. So I am going to explain to you my top ten turn offs when it comes to online content.

10. People Who Call Other People Offensive Slurs that Look Like Each Other.
Anyone who blatantly name calls another person using slur just because they are upset towards that person is a serious turn-off. As a Tommy Sotomayor fan, I end up running into this turn off a lot. Not from Mr. Sotomayor himself, but mainly from his opposition. Those dumbass lames are finding every excuse to troll him and his supporters to the point that they are all committing cyber crimes such as releasing his personal info online and calling him all kinds of names such as “Coon”, “Uncle Tom”, “Uncle Ruckas”, “Tap Dancing Turd”, and “Crispy”. The worst part of that is the creator of the Hidden Colors series Tariq Nasheed created a monster known by me as the Demon Puppet to further insult my Hall of Patronage inductee using the same tactics that not only piss me off, but go on an Unholy rage about that Satanic piece of shit! Here’s a snippet of the Demon Puppet’s debut to help prove my point:

9. Depicting Sexual Acts In An Attempt To Win Arguments
While sex talk is appropriate for intimate moments, they are NOT OKAY when trying to debate another person’s opinion about a certain subject. Whenever you say any kind of homosexual activity or any other creepy phrases, that’s a very serious turn off. Why? Because they will disgust the other person so much, that they won’t continue the conversation with you anymore. Keep that kind of talk in the bedroom, and make sure it stays there. Because once that nasty talk gets involved, it will piss me off.

8. Fanbase Infighting
I am a member of plenty of fanbases, but the thing I hate about them are the infighting over disagreements. A fanbase is place where fans can have fun and talk about the things and people they like, not a place where they fight, argue and name call over them. If you have a disagreement either debate them in a private room or don’t flame them over their preferences in the first place. Having to witness fans fight each other over the things they love irritates me to no end.

7. Video Game Console Wars
Now I recall that I hate fanbases fighting each other over stupid things, but these Video Game Console Wars are basically the dumbest trend ever. It really chaps my hide whenever I constantly see the question “Which video game console is better?” and I see people literally arguing over them. Why don’t you stick with the console you prefer to have instead of forcing your preferences down other people’s throats? Have you ever given THAT some thought?

6. False Online Beefs
Well it’s okay to have a disagreement with someone else over a specific thing, but throwing those disagreements in front of their face when they don’t want it pisses me off.  Holding grudges against someone who wants nothing to do to you is harassment and cyber stalking in its purest form and I DO NOT condone it at all. If no one wants anything to do with you, don’t try to hold a grudge over it, just move on.

5. Trolls
Now I said that False Beefs are bad, but trolls take the beefing to a very unforgiving extent to the point where innocent people are also targeted. According to Urban Dictionary they are actually the ones trying to throw communities into disarray all for the sake of attention, but they won’t even address the topic being discussed at all. It is said that the best method to deal with a troll is to ignore them completely. But, it’s become easier said than done. Because of that Trolls are the 5th thing on the internet that piss me off.

4. People Who Demand You to Rush Your Own Projects, But Have Played No Role to Them
Now this grinds my gears and fires me up more than almost anything in the world. Have you guys ever heard of someone named simply… Kyle? People like him will harass content creators to no end constantly demand that they give them what they want and when they want. It’s jackasses like them that makes it harder for people to create quality products on their own time if they have to deal with their bullshit. Let the creators release their creations when they’re ready, not force them into releasing a broken piece of shit far earlier than they intended. If you want something right then, MAKE. YOUR OWN. SHIT.

3. Drama
Most people believe that social media is all about drama, they may be in love with it like TNT. But I am NOT among those people! I actually came to the internet to find out what I can do to help enhance my creativity to new levels. That is how I eventually came up with the idea of creating O-152 Studios, drama is only a hindrance towards finding my dreams and should never be on the internet. Gossip is just a tool used to invoke drama and I don’t have time to entertain drama. (Unless it is fictional drama.) At the end of the day, real life drama is one of things that pisses me off the most out of everything else on this list. But it pales in comparison to…

2. Online Threats
It’s okay to have a difference of opinion about the other person, but making threats online is a serious turn off for me. Sometimes it has me wondering, why would someone even think about threatening someone they don’t like? I bet the reason is either envy or they can’t even argue the points of what someone says. But, putting someone else’s life in jeopardy over their opinion? That has gone 20,000 leagues beyond too far. That makes threats one of the things that pisses me off to no end and makes me pray to God that he turns those threats back towards the ones that have threatened innocent people. The serious repercussions that come from those threats including physical and mental harm as well as financial loss makes this the second thing that pisses me off online. 

1. Haters
The thing that annoys me more about the internet… is the fact that Haters are bringing more attention towards the artist that they hate than their own fans. I bet those same haters will even go as far as ridiculing them, trash talking, and in worst case scenarios start stalking the crap out of them. I just got one question for all haters, if you really hate someone, why would you be the first ones to even view their content and comment on it to begin with? Doesn’t that defeat the point that you hate the person? Back to my point, haters are the number one thing on the internet that piss me off. End of Story.

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