Chica’s Profile


Identification Information
Chica Hen
First Appearance: Five Nights at Freddy’s

General Information
Appears in: All GA, MA and RA Fanimations and Fan Games
Country of Origin: USA
Height: 6’10 (208.28 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68.04 kg)
Species: Hen Anthromorph sometimes as an Animatronic
Likes: Cooking gourmet food and singing
Dislikes: Cooking and consuming the meat of Avian creatures
Occupation: Musician and Chef
Sexual Preference: Hetrosexual
Hobbies: Cooking and singing

Friends: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie Rabbit, Foxy McArnold, Tony Fazbear, Lara Fox
Younger Sister: Kira Hen
Boyfriend: Jamie Rabbit

Physique: Hourglass
Fur Color: Yellow
Hairstyle: Straight
Hair Length: 10 in.
Hair Color: Yellow
Eye Color: Pink
Sexual Features: C-cup breasts

Casual Clothing (Spring and Fall)
As everyday wear, Chica will don a white shirt, a pair of black khaki pants, white dress socks and black dress shoes.

Casual Clothing (Summer)
Chica’s casual clothing comprises of a white tanktop, black jean shorts, and orange sandals.

Casual Clothing (Winter)
White fur jacket, black jeans and boots

While visiting water centered venues, Chica will be clad in an orange bikini, pareo and sandals

Japanese Festival Attire
During Japanese festivals, Chica will wear a white sakura motif yukata and beige geta

Chinese Festival Attire
For the duration of Chinese Festivals, Chica will wear a traditional Qi Pao with red high heel shoes.

Formal Gathering Attire
In formal gatherings Chica will wear an ankle length conservative dress and open toe, high heel shoes.

Chef Uniform
While working as a chef Chica will don a white chef’s hat and jacket with Yellow Shoulders, black khaki pants, dress socks and shoes

H-DOM Operational Attire
During an H-DOM excursion, Chica will be clad in a black kunoichi catsuit with yellow strings, linings and several holsters for all of her weapons.

Signature Weapons
Chica prefers an arsenal of traditional ninja weapons over firearms. Therefore she carries around a pair of yellow Beryl and black sai, a ninjato, several throwing blades such as the kunai and shuriken, tanto, ashiko, a retractable bo, chigiriki, fukiya with darts, kakute, a kama that can transform into a kusari-gama, a set of neko-te, a pair of shobo, a small barrel of tetsu-bishi, hankyu with a quiver of various types of ya and an egg shaped drone that sprays a mixture of water, sand and glass.

Signature Accessories
To stand out, Chica will wear a gold necklace with a pattern of pink, orange and green triangle cut diamonds, and a yellow Beryl ring with a chicken head motif and magenta diamond gems to represent the chicken’s eyes that glow during the dark quarter.

Special Abilities
Due to Chica’s fascination with gourmet food, she is able to make seamless 5-star quality meals without the use of bird meat. Due to her combat training, Chica is able to traverse around tight spaces with little to no difficulty and land precise preemptive strikes without alerting any nearby adversaries.

While she was just an animatronic in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, Chica enjoyed the happiness she instilled to the children who frequented the place during business hours. But once the night shift had begun, she hunted down anything that has not wearing an animatronic suit and forcefully stuffed them in one. Years after the pizzeria closed down and her animatronic head was recovered, Chica became a test subject for Dr. Vahlen’s Anthromorphosis project. While her new organic body was being constructed, Chica had not only learned the martial art of ninjitsu at a subconscious level, but also the art of gourmet cuisine. While she is getting acquainted with her new form and starting her new life, Chica is also suffering from dementia caused by the events surrounding Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. She believes the only way to stop the hallucinations is to put an end to the Dark Quarter before her new life can begin.

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