Immediate Update For March 28

Hello everyone, sorry for my long hiatus, but these past two weeks I had several life issues interfering with my life. The breaking point was the day my mother had a heart attack, that took place in March 19th. The next day my mother then had to undergo open heart surgery in order to remove the clog the doctor found in her arteries and ever since then, she’s been recovering. My mom’s currently out of the hospital and may have to undergo rehab later on. Because of this, I want to open up a new fundraiser. Only this time I am intending to use Indiegogo’s services. Unlike the previous fundraising failure, this campaign will have plenty of perks available upon your contribution. The campaign will include a total of 8 sub goals and one main goal. 4 sub-goals will be in intervals of $3000, the other 4 sub-goals will value at $12000 intervals. The final goal of the campaign will be a grand total of $120000. Any funding that is left over after either the last sub-goal is reached, 100% of the main goal has been contributed will be donated to St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, TN for the care they have given my mother during these devastating last days of March. I’ll release the link to the campaign when the final preparations are complete.

Meanwhile I am working on the written foundations for my first ever YouTube series using Valve’s Steam Filmmaker. The one of the only things I can tell you about it is that at least one of the characters whose profiles I made on this website. The other thing is that the series take place one year after the secret ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, 8 years after Persona 3, and 6 years after Yakuza 5. I can offer a vocal preview of my project on my soon to be defunct YouTube Channel as I am preparing to move my presence from my ALPHA-90152 YouTube Channel to my O-152 Studios Channels. Meanwhile I will also prepare to move all content from to, because I am intending to allow multiple portals containing my content to stay under one domain while also releasing links to not only my YouTube channels, but also my Livestream, Twitch and a secret channel that will contain previews and free releases of my more “mature” productions. The moving of digital content will begin the moment the funds are processed and after all hardware, software, relocation and staffing purchases are completed.

But until then tell your closest family member that you love them no matter what situation they are in. And I will give another update next week.


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