Rangetsu’s Profile

Identification Information
Byakko no Rangetsu
First Appearance: Onmyou Taisenki (Episode 2)

Known as the most patient of the three Byakko, Rangetsu always had the patience of one of the purest saints when it came to his shifts within in the Neptune Casino as a bouncer and unexpected situations in both his casual and professional life. However, he is also feared for a temper that is only triggered when he is afflicted by a deliberate physical assault. Once the temper is triggered, he will unleash his notorious Bakusaiga Tenketsu upon the assailant, leaving them knocked unconscious outside of the Casino’s entrance or anywhere he is assaulted. After an incident with members of the Southern Terrance Cobras, Rangetsu would become more than willing to join a cause to drive the influential street gang out of the Boletaria.

General Information
Appears in: Shadow Souls and various GA, MA and AO productions
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 7’0” (2.13 m)
Weight: 320 lbs
Species: White Tiger Anthromorph
Likes: His brothers, physical and mental training
Dislikes: Agitators and rowdy patrons
Occupation: Casino Security Guard
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Hobbies: Yoga and Zen Meditation

Older Brother: Byakko no Gentarou
Younger Brother: Byakko no Kogenta

Physique: Bodybuilder
Fur Color: Black with white stripes that follow a unique pattern
Hairstyle: Straight with bangs slanted to the left
Hair Length: 40 in.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Sexual Features: 1 ft. Penis with medium sized testicles

Casual Clothing
In casual and formal situations, Rangetsu typically wears a pale blue dress shirt, dark blue tuxedo jacket and dress pants, blue-grey leather belt with a silver buckle, grey dress socks and black dress shoes

Rangetsu will wear a black tiger-motif speedo with a dark blue pareo.

Japanese Festival Attire
In Japanese festivals, Rangetsu is clad in a black tiger-motif kimono, blue hakama, and wooden geta.

Chinese Festival Attire
In Chinese festivals, Rangetsu is clad in a black tiger-motif Kuzhe with a pair of kung fu shoes.

Desert Survival Attire
Rangetsu will have his causal clothing underneath a black hooded and veiled trenchcoat to help him survive within the Desert environment.

Winter Survival Attire
Rangetsu will wear a black body suit under jacket, dark blue puffy coat and matching pants that also covers his tail along with black gloves and boots to help him thrive within an Arctic environment.

Poledancing Attire
Given as a gift from Kehno Kumbartha to his older brother Gentarou, Rangetsu will rarely wear a pair of navy blue shoulder-length fingerless gloves and thigh-high toe and heelless socks alongside a bright blue thong.

Signature Weapons
Rangetsu always carries around a curved greatsword with a Titanium Steel edge that includes four rings with a similar texture as the blade itself and pommel, a titanium Metallic Red fuller, an X-shaped cross guard with edges that look similar to a tiger’s fangs and share the same titanium steel and metallic red coloring as the blade itself, a light brown grip, and an orange and green yin-yang symbol on both sides of the cross guard and pommel. He also carries around a customized Sanosuke revolver and Raiden shotgun although he prefers his melee weapon over his firearms.

Signature Armor
Whenever his life is truly threatened, Rangetsu will don a pair of Titanium Steel pauldrons with a large, upwards-pointing, ivory spike at the tip along with

Signature Accessories
Rangetsu will wear a black choker with a black tiger head brooch with yellow eyes.

Special Abilities
Being a renowned warrior in the past, Rangetsu is well known for his superhuman resilience and endurance, but is feared and respected for his high-speed and nearly lethal punches launched by a technique known as the Bakusaiga Tenketsu. His skills as a hand-to-hand combatant are rivaled only by his expertise in swordplay utilizing a large curved sword.

Works Cited
Tomizawa Yoshihiko. Onmyou Taisenki. Tokyo: Shueisha, 2004. Print.


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