Gentarou’s Profile

Identification Information
Byakko no Gentarou
First Appearance: Onmyou Taisenki (Episode 52)

Ever since he, Kogenta and Rangetsu have arrived in Boletaria, Gentarou had always desired a profession that could allow him to pass his Martial Arts knowledge down to students that were eager enough to learn from him. However, one of the offers was a complete deception as he was actually lured into the country’s porn industry. Even though he never had an interest in adult content, Gentarou had become one of the most treasured stars in Bloodlion Adult Entertainment’s roster according to the countless awards he has won such as Actor of the Year, Best Sex Scene, and Adult Film of the Year. Now, he intends on luring the best PMCs in the country and joining their ranks in order to not only put an end to the gang war by utilizing his combat skills to benefit the people of the country, but to ease the emotional and psychological burden brought forth by his undesired career.

General Information
Appears in: Shadow Souls and various GA, MA and AO productions
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 6’0” (2.13 m)
Weight: 160 lbs
Species: White Tiger Anthromorph
Likes: His brothers, martial arts, children and beautiful people
Dislikes: Hordes of groupies, child molesters, Kogenta’s driving and his employer’s antics
Occupation: Mainstream Porn Star (unwillingly)
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Music and traditional art

Younger Brothers: Byakko no Kogenta and Byakko no Rangetsu
Employer: Kehno Kumbartha

Physique: Athletic
Fur Color: White with blue stripes that follow a unique pattern
Hairstyle: Spiky
Hair Length: 20 in.
Hair Color: White with blue highlights on his bangs
Eye Color: Red
Sexual Features: 7-inch Penis with small sized testicles

Casual Clothing
In most casual situations, Gentarou will wear a black t-shirt underneath a green Hollywood-style jacket, a red leather belt, white slik slacks, a pair of black dress socks and matching suede shoes.

As typical swimwear given to him by his employer, Gentarou will wear a green and white tiger-motif swim string to several water centered venues.

Japanese Festival Attire
In Japanese festivals, Gentarou is generally clad in a white tiger-motif kimono, green hakama, and wooden geta.

Chinese Festival Attire
In Chinese festivals, Gentarou is clad in a green white tiger-motif Kuzhe with a pair of kung fu shoes.

Desert Survival Attire
Gentarou will have his causal clothing underneath a green hooded and veiled trenchcoat to help him survive within the Desert environment.

Winter Survival Attire
Gentarou will wear a black body suit under jacket, green puffy coat and matching pants that also covers his tail along with black gloves and boots to help him thrive within an Arctic environment.

Formal Gathering Attire
In formal events such as award shows, Gentarou is clad in a black dress shirt, green tuxedo jacket and pants along with a pair of black dress shoes and gloves.

Poledancing Attire
Given as an uniform from his superior, Gentarou will wear a pair of green shoulder-length fingerless gloves and thigh-high toe and heelless socks alongside a bright green thong when assigned as a stripper.

Dominator Attire
Given to him as a BDSM uniform by his employer, Gentarou wears a leather dark green pyramid & ring collar; chain harness; shoulder-length fingerless gloves; and toeless, heeless stockings

Flasher’s Attire
While assigned as a flasher for PR opportunities, Gentarou will simply wear a long dark green leather trenchcoat as a uniform given to him by his supervisor.

Harem Dancer’s Attire
As an dancer upon assignment by his boss, Gentarou will wear a green veil, sleeves, bikini, belt, and pants reminiscent of the Arabian belly dancers.

Signature Weapons
Similar to Kogenta’s Saikaido Kotetsu, Gentarou’s Hokutowatari is a wide longsword. But unlike his younger brother’s sword, Gentarou’s signature blade has a metallic gold titanium steel blade, matte red fuller, tiger-head rainguard with blue titanium stripes and red diamond eyes, a titanium pommel and rectangular cross-guard with an orange and green ying-yang symbol on the center, and a black leather grip. However he also carries a katana with metallic gold titanium steel yakiba, metallic black and pearlescent red bohi, metallic titanium tsuba with tiger stripped mekugi.

Signature Armor
When engaged in combat, Gentarou dons a pair of dual layer pauldrons. The lower layer being metallic black with an iridescent red chevron marking while the upper layer is metallic green with an iridescent orange chevron marking with an orange and light blue yin-yang symbol connecting the pauldrons to the metallic black and pearlescent green breastplate with gold lining.

Signature Accessories
Gentarou will commonly wear a pair of white bracelets with a white tiger head brooch with yellow eyes on each bracelet, a pair of golden anklets and a golden necklace.

Special Abilities
As an expert in martial arts and master swordsman, Gentarou is very well versed in various fighting styles as well as swordplay using various edged weapons and extremely advanced techniques far superior to that of his younger brothers. Due to his “additional training”, Gentarou shamefully has a strong libido that would overcome him while performing sexual acts for Bloodlion’s fan-base or while filming for future films or live productions.

Works Cited
Tomizawa Yoshihiko. Onmyou Taisenki. Tokyo: Shueisha, 2004. Print.


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