If You Don’t Like The Content, Don’t Comment on It! Ohgun Butchers the Trolls Who Drove Hellkite Drake Off of the Web.

Okay, look… I’m trying keep myself calm about this situation. I recently found out that three days ago, HellkiteDrake decided to close and delete all of his pages all because some disrespectful ass bitches want to insult him for his work because they think it’s boring, calling him out his name, and using word that offended him. Since I had liked his music and the content of his videos taught me something that I didn’t know about the Souls series before, I felt like those trolls needed to be gone off on. There were some people who actually paid for his music on BandCamp (myself included), liked his videos on YouTube and then y’all wanted to get your ungrateful asses over to his channels, his blogs and his content and decide to throw motherfuckin’ insults his way!? Well unlike Hellkite, I’m not going to close all of my stuff and run away from the internet because you bitches don’t like my content! If you piss me off, then you’re just providing me with the motivation to do my rants! Then some people would try to tell me every time I throw a tantrum like this, I’m out of line! But, in this case I’m not out of line, I’m laying down the law on my own stuff and I’m not going to have any tolerance towards disrespectful motherfuckin’ comments aimed at me, my followers and everyone I follow online! And something else that I AM going to tell every single one of you trolls who would give negative comments to everyone that who follows me or I follow on either my @DetectiveOhgun, @ProjectDigamma, or @o152animations Twitter pages, my Tumblr blogs, my Google+ Pages, my FaceBook Pages and anywhere else I am on social media! If I catch you bring the motherfuckin’ hate you spewed upon HellkiteDrake, Tommy Sotomayor or anybody else who either I follow or follows me, I’m gonna cuss you out, delete your motherfuckin’ comment and ban you for it! No excuses!

Now, I can take constructive criticism such as “Hey Ohgun, I didn’t like what you’ve done on your stuff, because you gave the wrong about it.” Or “Ohgun, I liked your content, but something about that was missing in the presentation. Could you add that in the future?” I will respond kindly to critique like that. That’s going to help me improve the quality of my work in the future.

In conclusion, I can respond respectfully to constructive criticism given to me. But, if you give me some kind of destructive criticism my only response from this day forward is going to me cussing you out, you being blocked from my channels and pages, and if you try do it on my website your comment will be rejected.

My O-152 channels have a purpose to entertain and teach my audience, not to those who only want to gain pleasure from the suffering of others.



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