Artorias’s Profile

Identification Information
Artorias the Abysswalker
First Appearance: Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss DLC/Prepare to Die Edition

Recent rumors of the sighting of an Abyss along with numerous Abyssborn existing within Boletaria have lured Artorias and his best friend, Sif into the country in an effort to investigate the speculations that has rooted from the prosperous Ultra-Metropolitan kingdom. During their investigation, they had unanimously chosen to reside within one state that was unaffected by urbanization and marvels in natural beauty, the Gaian Wilderness. After residing within the country for a year, the two decided to search for the Boletarian Abyss within both the Deserted Badlands and the Gaian Wilderness. However, Artorias has been missing since he began his investigation in Boletaria’s massive Northwestern desert and can only be sighted during nights of a New Moon according to the local rumors.

General Information
Appears in: Shadow Souls and various GA, MA and AO productions
Age: 25
Country of Origin: Lordran
Height: 5’11” (180 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (74 kg)
Species: Aryan Caucasian-American Mongoloid Hybrid Human
Likes: His companion Sif, the Gaian wilderness, and his compatriots
Dislikes: The Abyss and the Abyssborn
Occupation: Mercenary
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Hobbies: Hunting, farming, and sparing

Fellow Knights: Dragonslayer Ornstein, Hawkeye Gough, and Lord’s Blade Ciaran
Superior: Lord Gwyn

Physique: Athletic
Skin Tone: Pale
Hairstyle: Straight with bangs on both sides
Hair Length: 25 in.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Purple
Sexual Features: 8.75-inch Penis with medium sized testicles

Casual Clothing
Artorias is casually clad in an elegant black tanktop, blue and blue-grey hooded jacket with a special pattern within the blue sections of his jacket and mainly his hood, grey belt with a silver wolf buckle, blue-grey jeans, knee high dress socks and black boots.

Artorias would wear only a pair of midnight blue board shorts with a grey wolf motif to water-related areas.

Japanese Festival Attire
Artorias will wear a blue and grey Wolf-motif yukata and wooden geta to Japanese Festivals.

Chinese Festival Attire
Artorias will wear a blue and grey Wolf-motif Kuzhe with a pair of kung fu shoes to Chinese Festivals.

Desert Survival Attire
Artorias will wear a patterned blue hooded and veiled trenchcoat over his casual outfit to help him survive within the Desert environment.

Winter Survival Attire
Artorias dons a black body suit, blue under jacket, blue grey puffy coat and matching pants that also with black gloves and boots to help him thrive within an Arctic environment.

Formal Gathering Attire
In formal events Artorias is clad in a black dress shirt, blue tie, blue grey tuxedo jacket and pants along with a pair of black dress shoes and gloves.

Other Outfits
While in the Gaian Wilderness, Artorias will simply wear a pair of dark grey jeans with a black leather belt over his waist.

Signature Weapons
Artorias has two greatswords that has identical forms, but not identical appearances. The greatsword he holds with his right hand has bright sky blue edges, dark grey titanium fuller, a rain guard that bears a similarity to his greatshield, a cross guard that slightly curves towards the blade, black leather grip, and a slim pointed pommel. The other greatsword on the other hand, has a basic titanium edge, black titanium fuller, and a rain guard that is smaller than his main sword. However, the side sword has the same cross guard, grip, and pommel as the main sword. He even carries a large shield that bears a unique insignia and form made out of enchanted titanium steel.

Signature Armor
In battle Artorias bears an enchanted titanium steel, wolf-motif helmet that includes a retractable pitch black visor, along with set of enchanted titanium steel body armor that includes a gorget, cuirass, pauldrons, rerebraces, couters, vambraces, gauntlets, tassets, flauds, cuisses, poleyns, greaves, and sabatons.

Signature Accessories
Artorias simply wears a diamond titanium ring that has a snarling wolf head with blue violet sapphire gem eyes.

Special Abilities
Artorias is extremely talented in not only wielding a greatsword with ease, but wielding two of them like a pair of lightweight swords in each hand. He can also perform a very rare technique using his greatshield, parrying the attacks of his opponents and foes. The famed Abysswalker can also utilize Soul and Dark element Mana Weapons using the Insignias that were purified by the Church in an effort to protect his own sanity as he wields his umbrakinetic and sorcery-based swords in the battlefield.

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