Kentaro’s Profile

Known as the most popular student at Kitamura University, Kentaro has always been around crowds of students and even garnered the respect of most of his professors thanks to his outstanding charisma, athletic ability, and the surprising quality towards his coursework. His popularity did not come initially, as the majority of students believed to be. During his high school days, he and his little brother were constantly bullied by a group of delinquents on a daily basis. The harassment seemingly continued until Kentaro’s 16th birthday, when he eventually got sick of himself and Isamu being frequently victimized by the same group of miscreants and conspired with his little brother and several other students that were also targeted by the group and caused one of their pranks to go horribly wrong. No one was hurt during the incident, but the student body began to ridicule the menaces that they had once feared as they seemed to have humiliated themselves that day. Ever since that incident and including the most recent events, Kentaro has no problem developing friendships with the rest of his peers, even though he balances the time he spends with them between his studies and his training. His charismatic appearance and vernacular are the main reasons Kentaro is the most popular amongst the students attending Kitamura University.

Identification Information
Kentaro Fujihara
First Appearance: None

General Information
Appears in: Various GA, MA, and RA Productions
Age: 21
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight: 173 lbs (78 kg)
Species: Japanese Mongoloid
Likes: Water, tropical islands, hanging around his current friends and making new ones
Dislikes: Stalkers, racial and sexual intolerance, and people with a crab-in-a-barrel mentality
Occupation: College Student
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Hobbies: Iaido, Kenjutsu, Swimming and Surfing

Father: Toshio Fujihara
Mother: Deceased
Younger Brother: Isamu Fujihara
Step-Mother: Elissa Fujihara
Older Twin Half-Brother: Markos Fujihara
Older Twin Half-Sister: Gia Fujihara

Physique: Athletic Slender
Skin Tone: Fair
Hairstyle: Straight
Hair Length: 38 in.
Hair Color: Black with blue strands
Eye Color: Teal
Sexual Features: 7 inch penis with small sized testicles

Casual Clothing
Casually, Kentaro wears a black unbuttoned party shirt, dark blue leather belt with a metallic black and pearlescent blue belt buckle, navy blue pleated pants, and black gladiator style sandals

As swimwear Kentaro will wear a pair of black speedo with blue stripes

Japanese Festival Attire
While he is attending a Japanese festival, Kentaro wears an ocean motif yukata, pale blue fundoshi, and a wooden geta

Swim Meet Swimwear
If he is swimming with either a class or participating in a swimming competition, Kentaro will wear a black swim cap and a pair of black swim briefs with blue racing stripes

Surfing Swimwear
While surfing, Kentaro will commonly wear a black wetsuit with blue racing stripes

Alternate Swimwear
While attending beaches, waterparks, and pools outside of swim meets, Kentaro will commonly wear a pair of black swim trunks with blue accents

Uncommon Swimwear
While attending beaches, waterparks, and pools outside of swim meets, Kentaro will uncommonly wear a blue square leg swimsuit

Rare Swimwear
While attending beaches, waterparks, and pools outside of swim meets, Kentaro will rarely wear a blue swim string

Signature Weapons
While he is training in the arts of Iaido and Kenjutsu and in extremely rare cases that Kentaro will have to defend himself from attacks, he utilize his katana named Mizuchi to do so. The sword itself is forged using a titanium steel toshin (bare blade), with a metallic black and pearlescent ocean blue bohi, tsuba, habaki, seppa, and kashira; a silk ocean blue sageo, and mekugi; and a black saya.

Signature Accessories
Kentaro accessories himself by wearing a golden necklace with a blue diamond jewel in the shape of a shark’s tooth, and a pair of golden earrings

Special Abilities
As mentioned in his hobbies, Kentaro is an exceptionally gifted swimmer and practitioner in the art of Iaido and Kenjutsu and can seamlessly transition between the two at any time. Other than that, he seems to have a very charismatic personality as he is considered to be a friendly face amongst his peers, siblings and even his professors.


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