Isamu’s Profile

Ever since his elementary school days, Isamu has always looked up to his older brother Kentaro as a way of boosting up his self-confidence and determination to follow his dreams in life of being an inventor of the technology that will be used by both current and future generations of human beings. Even if he appears to be an outcast by his more conservative way of dressing compared to his older more outgoing brother, he has always taken inspirations from the inventors who came before him to help motivate him to balancing the time he spends working on brand-new inventions, with his high school/college studies, and training with Kentaro in various activities centered around his brother’s talents. But like his older brother, he was also subject to being bullied prior to Kentaro’s 16th birthday. But thanks to Isamu’s genius mind, the delinquents’ malicious deeds came back to haunt them that day. Through that experience, he was able to maintain the confidence to maintain his current lifestyle up to his high school senior year and even his future college years as he begins to attend his first year at Kitamura University.

Identification Information
Isamu Fujihara
First Appearance: None

General Information
Appears in: Various GA, MA, and RA Productions
Age: 18
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 5’8” (178 cm)
Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)
Species: Japanese Mongoloid
Likes: Looking up to his big brother, creating new inventions
Dislikes: Having his invention ideas stolen and anyone who angers his older brother
Occupation: High School Student
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Hobbies: Iaido, Kenjutsu, Program Coding and Swimming

Father: Toshio Fujihara
Mother: Deceased
Older Brother: Kentaro Fujihara
Step-Mother: Elissa Fujihara
Older Twin Half-Brother: Markos Fujihara
Older Twin Half-Sister: Gia Fujihara

Physique: Slender
Skin Tone: Fair
Hairstyle: Straight
Hair Length: 24 in.
Hair Color: Black with aqua strands
Eye Color: Teal
Sexual Features: 5 inch penis with small sized testicles

Casual Clothing
Casually, Isamu wears a dark aqua polo shirt, black leather belt with a teal glow along with a metallic black and pearlescent teal belt buckle, black cargo pants, socks and oxford shoes

As swimwear Isamu will wear a pair of black speedo with aqua stripes

Japanese Festival Attire
While he is attending a Japanese festival, Isamu wears an cyberspace-motif yukata, teal fundoshi, and a wooden geta

School Uniform
While he is attending high school, Isamu wears a navy gakuran with his high school emblem

Swim Meet Swimwear
If he is swimming with either a class or participating in a swimming competition, Isamu will wear a black swim cap and a pair of black swim briefs with aqua racing stripes

Alternate Swimwear
While attending beaches, waterparks, and pools outside of swim meets, Isamu will commonly wear a pair of black swim trunks with aqua accents

Uncommon Swimwear
While attending beaches, waterparks, and pools outside of swim meets, Isamu will uncommonly wear a black square leg swimsuit with aqua accents

Rare Swimwear
While attending beaches, waterparks, and pools outside of swim meets, Isamu will rarely wear an aqua swim string

Signature Weapons
While he is training in the arts of Iaido and Kenjutsu alongside Kentaro and in extremely rare cases that Isamu will have to defend himself from attacks, he like his older brother will use his katana to do so. The sword itself is forged using a titanium steel, metallic black toshin (bare blade), with a metallic teal bohi, metallic black and pearlescent teal tsuba, habaki, seppa, and kashira; a silk teal sageo, and mekugi; and a black saya

Signature Accessories
Isamu accessories himself by wearing a silver necklace with an aqua diamond jewel in the shape of a flash drive

Special Abilities
Thanks to the training received from his older brother Kentaro, Isamu has an expertise of Iaido, Kenjutsu and swimming alongside his knack of computer technology, and using them create brand new inventions that would benefit society


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