Bay Village Autistic Teen Becomes Victim to A Nausiating Prank That Gets the Pranksters Butchered!

Hello everyone, this is Ohgun… now you all know there’s a trend going on all over the internet called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I don’t mind people dumping ice water on themselves or their friends in order to make a donation to ALS to help combat a serious disease. BUT, there was ONE Ice Bucket Challenge video that detailed that one “Ice Bucket video” featured an autistic child featured an “Ice Bucket” that contained contents that were so disgusting, it pissed me the fuck off. Pay very close attention to the video and the News Clip of the so called “Ice Bucket Challenge” that pissed me the fuck off.

Now you saw that poor boy get that repulsive concoction poured down on. Now this roast is dedicated to those repulsive motherfuckas in Bay Village, Ohio! I don’t know nor have I met these sickening ass bastard teens, but here it is! You jackasses decided to pour some damn urine, feces, spit and fucking cigarette butts on that poor boy! You never intended to just pour some ice water on his innocent ass, but instead you decided to use that nasty ass concoction just to get a fucking laugh out of it! You punks are sickening as fuck! I can’t stand people like you! You nasty fuckers, you!

Afterwards you turned around, and posted that motherfucker on the internet for the damn world to see you commit this atrocity! You nasty fuckers, you! You never wanted to get this autistic boy to take the challenge help raise awareness for ALS like the fuckin’ celebs do! YOU’D RATHER USE IT AS A COVER UP TO FUCK WITH THAT TEEN BOY! And at the end of it you thought that shit was cute! You thought that shit was comical, didn’t you?! You thought that spitting in a bucket, throwing cigarette butts, taking a leak and a dump in that bucket would make for a great time didn’t you?!

Well I’ve got news for you… There was nothing funny about that dumbass stunt you pulled. The whole thing had sickened me to the point where I wish someone at your school fucked up both of you. To the point I wish and pray that there was someone out in Bay Village area who knew who you two were, fucking with that innocent boy for Instagram likes! You just wanted to do it for Likes, didn’t you? Well let me tell you this, everyone who liked that video is as sick as you two are. Everybody who gave you positive feedback and cosigned you two dumping that mixture of human waste and cigarette remains on that autistic boy are jackasses. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO LIKED THAT VIDEO AND MADE JOKES ABOUT IT AND THE VICTIM OF THIS ARE COMPLETE… FUCKING IDIOTS! NOW… the Bay Village School system has released a statement, and before I conclude this butchering, please read it.

To the parents whose child was victimized, you have my condolences. To the boy who was had autism like me, just keep your head up high and put this incident behind you. And if you feel the need to speak out on the incident, do so. But, the Bay Village Schools… you’ve just invalidated a portion of your statement after I read the 19 Action News article. Because the moment autism was mentioned in the article, I got involved in this situation. Because I will never, ever approve of this form of humiliation to anyone disabled or not. This has been the first ever O-152 News/Ohgun’s Rant because this prank is fucked up. I just had to take this opportunity to vent out my frustrations towards this, but now I feel a whole lot better. I better get back to my profiles and coursework, but before I do I just want to say this to the punks who humiliated that boy: YOU’VE BEEN BUTCHERED, YOU NASTY ASS, HEARTLESS, GUT WRENCHING MOTHERFUCKERS YOU! AND TRY TO DO THE SAME THING TO ME, BASTARDS!

Read the article that has triggered this butchering here


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