Sapphire’s Profile

Identification Information
First Appearance: None

General Information
Appears in: Shiunpan’nin, Shadow Souls and various GA, MA and RA Original and Fanimation productions
Age: 21
Country of Origin: Gaiea, Kalthea
Height: 5’9” (175 cm)
Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)
Species: Human
Likes: Hunting for large bounties
Dislikes: Wearing conservative clothing and resorting to kill his bounties
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Hobbies: Swimming, Public bathing

Parents: Deceased
Superior: Johnny Fangblade

Physique: Athletic
Skin Tone: Slightly Tanned
Hairstyle: Straight with bangs on his left side
Hair Length: 40 in.
Hair Color: Sapphire Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Sexual Features: 7-inch Penis with medium sized testicles

Casual Clothing
Despite having a career pursuing bounties for both the government and private contractors, he is clad in only a blue G-String and a pair of dark blue chaps.

In various water-based venues Sapphire wears only a blue beach string.

Japanese Festival Attire
During a Japanese Festival, Sapphire dons only a blue fundoshi.

Chinese Festival Attire
Sapphire will wear his casual attire during Chinese festivals.

Desert Survival Attire
Sapphire will wear his casual attire in Desert Environments.

Winter Survival Attire
Sapphire will wear his casual attire in Arctic-like environments.

Formal Gathering Attire
Sapphire wears a dark blue bow tie, cuffs and slim silk chaps, along with a blue g-string.

Signature Weapons
Sapphire wields one pistol attached to the back of each of his legs and two pistols that he holds using each of his hands. They appear to be extremely customized Heckler & Koch VP70Zs as the slide and magazine has a customized pearlescent blue paint job; Metallic ocean blue barrel, sights, hammer and trigger guard; black leather grip and dark blue body. However unlike the realistic VP70Z, these pistols provide a fully-automatic firing mode along with the semi-automatic and 3-round burst capability of the real VP70Z.

Signature Armor
As armor Sapphire simply wears a pair of vambraces and greaves where his pistols can be attached to and detached from.

Signature Accessories
To help him survive hostile environments and help him maintain his style of fashion, Sapphire wears a necklace alongwith set of bracelets and anklets that prevent his body from being affected by his surroundings.

Special Abilities
In his homeland of Gaiea in the realm of Kalthea, Sapphire was born as a hydromancer, one who controls water. Aside of his ability to control and manipulate water, Sapphire is one of the most skilled firearms and a prodigy and grandmaster of a martial art founded by the late Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do.

Despite the anonymity of his intentions, Sapphire is considered to be a social butterfly and a sex symbol while he’s off-duty. When he has a bounty that he needs to collect, he’s all business. Sapphire’s has a policy that he will only kill his bounties as a last resort or when an employer demands the bounty in question to be kills. Unfortunately, he tends to become frustrated when he either loses his bounty, or a rival bounty hunter kills his desired bounty. His frustration would eventually cause him to get into fights very quickly. But, other than that, he has a very humble personality and is friendly to those who don’t provoke his ire.


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