Don’t Ask Me Why I Banned Racial Slurs on My Site.

Just to let you know, something has happened this evening on twitter that has forced me to expose someone who used the “C” word as proof of why I will NEVER allow any form of racial slur. Here are the tweets posted that was aimed towards me and Tommy Sotomayor:

@Tjsotomayor @tariqnasheed you coon ass nigga, ain’t no coming back from this.
8/17/14, 9:52 PM

@DetectiveOhgun @Tjsotomayor you a coon too nigga.
8/17/14, 10:03 PM

@Tjsotomayor not trolling you, you just a coon.
8/17/14, 10:04 PM

@DetectiveOhgun behind the coon is on, shhhhh.
8/17/14, 10:11 PM

Now Mr. TS1, allow me to explain to you what the word you’re using actually means:

According to the word “coon” is defined as an extremely disparaging and offensive slang that is a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person.

After you’ve read both the tweets he’s posted and the definition of the word he used in these four tweets, if you see anymore tweets from @PonchoDachozen1 or TS1 calling you or anyone else the word I just defined (courtesy of, block him and report him for harassment immediately!

Please do me this favor, do not even think about asking why I chose to ban the word I’ve defined along with several other racial slurs from my blog again. Now that’s out of the way, Be sure to check out the first detailed profiles that will be released exclusively on this site along with information on a fundraiser that I am planning on starting in the future.


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