The terms that WILL get you banned from my META.

Hello everyone,

Now you realize that I have opened the META segment of my blog. Now I may not have a lot of people following what I’ve put up online, but I do have a lot stuff I put up that happens to be left behind in the desert. I wholeheartedly welcome all forms of feedback. I will be grateful for those who follow this blog to keep posted on what I am doing. I’ll even appreciate all forms of comments from praise to critiques. Like Tommy Sotomayor said; there is a lot of stuff that I post, but there are a lot things I won’t put up with. Remember, if I do not mention you or call you out of your name, do not come over here call me out of mine. You’re free to say whatever you want to me on my blogs, I have them available for comments for that reason. BUT I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THE USAGE OF OFFENSIVE SLURS TOWARDS SOMEONE ELSE’S RACE OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE!

The terms that I have zero tolerance for include:

Coon (That word pisses me off more than anything if this is used incorrectly!)
Uncle Tom
Buck Dancing
Butt HurtSelf Hater
and Any Other Stupid Ass Word or Phrase That is Used to Offend Someone. (Myself and my family included.)

Now that the law has been laid down, please avoid causing any drama on my stuff because you don’t like my stance on something, or how I am presenting the characters I am redesigning. Thank you.


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