Introduction to O-152

Hello world, I am Darryl Isaac.

You may know me as ALPHA-90152 on deviantARTGoogle+ and my empty YouTube channel. You may also know me as BusterPerkins on FurAffinity. You may even know me on facebook (that I have recently neglected) and two twitter pages and even in real life as a student of the University of Memphis. But today, I am introducing this page as a step closer to opening up my own 3D animation studio called O-152 Animations where I or a special guest, will create the models of characters that I not only created, but from outside sources as well. However, these characters will have brand new models that are going to be crafted by me. Now, I will post the extended bios I have posted on my deviantART page with the included citations at the end of each post as well as the drafts of skits and profiles that I’ve yet to release on any of my galleries. All characters, profiles, skits, designs as well as all future 3-dimensional models are mine unless I cite otherwise. Now with that out of the way, relax yourselves and enjoy the things to come.

Welcome to the Main Blog, and make yourselves at home.

P.S.: Be sure to click on the links hidden within the different colored text to find the original sources mentioned in my posts.


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